ordee Dynamics

ORDEE DYNAMICS is a world-class producer of advanced Plant design, Automation Solutions, Material handling Systems, Plant Layout & production line Design & Manufacturing – Research & Development.

our features


  • We give more than 3 concept designs to choose the best solution.
  • Take part in brainstorming with customers on concept finalization.
  • We work with flexibility during the project (design change other changes up to a point. )
  • We give hard copy and soft copy of manual along with mechanical and electric drawing.
  • We give all drawing in customer’s required format( iges, acad, dwg, step, solidworks, pdf, 3d pdf)
  • Support the customer during project and after project.
  • Association with an Expert Team with a Minimum of 3 Years of Work Experience.
  • We  Ensure to Follow Standard Safety Procedures.
  • We have a Best Trained Team to Complete The Customer Project with Honestly & Dedication.

Project Management

We plan and manages various elements of Project Management together with Customer’s dedicated project team

ØIntegration Management

         (incl. Change  Management)

Ø Scope Management

Ø Time Management

Ø Cost Management

Ø Quality Management

Ø Human Resource Management

          (incl. Cross Functional Teams)

Ø Communication Management

Ø Risk Management

Ø Procurement Management